Ahoy, me fairy!

Ahoy, me fairy

Every year, my father and his wife ask Wonder Woman and I to bring the kids down to their cottage at the Cape for the neighborhood’s annual Fourth of July parade. Up until this summer, we had respectfully declined, because dealing with Cape Cod in the summer—particularly on a holiday weekend—is right up there with chewing broken glass.

We leaned into the pitch this year and took one for the team … which is how Zan and Jayna came to be dressed in the above-shown garb while riding in a wheel-mounted, patriotically festooned dinghy that my father pushed along the parade route.

Zan would dress like a pirate every day if he could, so he was pleased as could be to captain the ship and growl “Arrrggghhh!” at the onlookers as he passed them by. Jayna, meanwhile, is going through a Tinkerbell phase … and, simultaneously, a “I can be the most shrill, disagreeable little creature you’ve ever encountered” phase … which explains why she is wearing fairy wings, but not wearing any additional costuming. Regardless, watching her entertain the crowd by flapping her hands in what she believed was a simulated fairy-in-flight fashion was rather adorable.

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