This morning, we took a family trip to the dentist, where Zan and Jayna had back-to-back cleanings and check-ups. This was particularly momentous, because it was Jayna’s first dental appointment.

For reasons I don’t remember (probably nothing more dire than my complete inability to manage my life when we had a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old), I missed Zan’s first dental appointment. In fact, I missed all of them up until today. I do recall, however, that he needed to get a cavity filled, and that it took two separate trips to get it done, because, during the first, one, he blew such a gasket when they administered the novocain shot (you could literally see burst capillaries in his face when he came home), it was impossible to proceed with the filling.

Knowing all of that, it was so impressive to see what a phenomenal job he did today. There were plenty of moments when he silently demonstrated anxiety by looking at Wonder Woman and I a certain way, but at no time did he cry or attempt to abort the mission.

When his turn was over, he quickly slipped into Big Brother mode, and set about reassuring Jayna that there was nothing to be afraid of. I was incredibly proud of him.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t having any of it, and plenty of crying, screaming and protesting ensued. Still, despite being upset to the point that she had a hitch in her breathing, she still allowed the hygienist and dentist to do what they needed to do.

Even more unfortunately, Zan has another small cavity, and has to go back next week to have it filled. I’m planning on going to that one. If nothing else, I’m sure it’ll give me something to write about.

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