"I'm not tired!"

“I’m not tired!”

The lovely Miss Jayna has decided it’s time to give up her afternoon nap … which is how the photo shown above came to pass.

By 7 p.m., she was basically one big messy ball of screaming and crying. She calmed down long enough to sit in my lap and let me read her a bedtime story, but when I tried to coax her to the bathroom to brush her teeth before reading a second book, she lost it, and demanded Mommy. (This is a common occurrence with both children. Daddy is OK in small doses, but I apparently start to suck rather quickly whenever something one of them doesn’t want to do comes along, at which point the screaming and crying and wailing for Mommy begins in earnest.)

I retreated to the downstairs and notified Wonder Woman that her services were requested upstairs, as I had been summarily dismissed.

“She’s gonna fall asleep on the floor if you don’t get up there,” I added.

Well, WW headed right on up, but even her prompt response wasn’t soon enough.

Zan got a kick out of it.

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