Shout at the Devil

Shout at the Devil

Zan back in October of 2003, when he was four months old. I vividly remember this photo being taken, and us telling the photographer that there was no way he’d be able hold his head up if she placed him on his stomach. And then he proved us wrong just long enough for her to get the shot.

This year, Zan continues to have his usual difficulty settling on a costume. Every few hours, he’ll ask, “Daddy, do you know what I’m going to be for Halloween?,” to which I have begun to respond, “No, buddy, I’m quite sure I don’t.”

Depending on his mood on Halloween night, he will either be: Ghost Rider (the costume for which he already made us purchase several weeks ago), Darth Vader (the costume for which we already have, and the choice that I think he should go with, as it’s the best costume he owns, and he even has the glowing, red lightsaber to go with it), or, as of this morning, Indiana Jones (the costume for which we don’t have, so he and Mommy improvised by dressing him up in a brown-suede sportcoat, a ridiculous looking feaux cowboy hat and a little piece of rope that he is pretending is a whip). So, one of those. Or not.

It’ll be interesting to see what additional characters he suggests between now and tick-or-treat time.

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  1. Jennifer
    Posted May 7, 2009 at 1:11 pm | Permalink

    I think this switch-a-roo costume thing is limited to the boys. My son does it every year. I think I will go home and count the number of costumes we have purchased. Not that the abandoned costumes go un-used, he finds plenty of opportunities to wear them. In the 6 years costumes were the way of the land, I never once had to endure a trip to the grocery store with him wearing one of them. However his Grandma has! Whatever happen to that woman, I call Mom, and her backbone.
    Just found your website today- your newest stalker.

  2. strange one
    Posted March 21, 2010 at 12:04 am | Permalink

    The picture is adorable, as the mental image of him as any of those characters.

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