Nine Inch Nails


The last time Mr. Trent Reznor and his Nine Inch Nails came to town, I had to miss the show so that Wonder Woman and I could take Zan to see the Wiggles. Thankfully, the big “Playhouse Disney Live” excursion took place a couple of days before last night’s NIN show.

I got hooked up with tickets and a photo pass, the latter of which allowed me to spend three songs leaning against the stage, snapping pictures of Trent and the boys … which was way cool, of course … but the quality of the photos is mostly subpar because there was a friggin’ fog machine blowing its fog all over the stage throughout the shoot. Thus, the incredibly grainy quality of the shot shown above. (Here’s the original.) Fortunately, graininess suits NIN just fine.

I’m planning to upload to Flickr in the morning a batch of the photos I shot during the show, and I’m sure I’ll feel compelled to feature one or two more here this week. I’ll also probably write a little something about the show. After spending last night out at the concert, though, and staying up way too late tonight, I am now on the verge of passing out from exhaustion, so this is all you get, homey.

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