The Mouse is in the House

Mouse in the House

In keeping with the live-concert theme this week, here’s a shot I took last Friday while at the local engagement of “Playhouse Disney Live.”

And while I’m on the subject of kid-themed concert productions, I’d like to say a little something to the organizers of such events:

You do not need to take a 15-minute intermission in the middle of your hour-long production. We would rather you just reach into our pockets and mug us on our way out the door at the end of the show, because then we can at least beat the rush hour and get home without our cranky child melting down in the midst of a traffic jam. Both you and we know that the only reason you pull that 15-minute intermission stunt is so that our kids, all hopped up from Act I, can cajole us into shelling out the cake for some crappy, massively overpriced souvenir. (We bought some light-up magic-wand things for Zan and Jayna—and thank goodness, because there simply aren’t enough toys cluttering this place up as it is.)

Having said that, the kids had a blast, and it is always a good feeling to see them get so much enjoyment from an experience that we’ve provided for them. Zan, who, in the past, could not be convinced to make a sound during any of the call-response/question-answer type moments of such a production, was Mr. Participation this time around, and Jayna basically exploded from excitement every time a new character whom she recognized took to the stage.

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