Happy Birthday to me … sorta

Happy Birthday, DaddyScratches.comOr, at least, Happy Birthday to my alter ego.

Yes, it just dawned on me as I was sitting here trying unsuccessfully to concentrate on a big design project I so foolishly told the client would be done tomorrow (Whoops!) that it was exactly one year ago today when I officially launched this blog.

God, the excitement that day was palpable. The whole Internet was abuzz with anticipation, and the moment at which the site went live was the digital equivalent of The Big Bang … as evidenced by the four comments that were left on that first lame-ass post I wrote (two of which were written by me).

I once interviewed Paul Stanley, co-founder of the rock group KISS, who told a tale about how he and his bandmates rented a limo to take them to their first club gig, and, rather than getting dropped off at the back entrance, they had the driver drop them off out front, where people were waiting to get in. The four of them exited the car in full costume and makeup, and acted like they were the biggest rock-‘n’-roll band in the world.

“And we were nobody,” he said.

I’m like Paul. I like to dream big, baby.

You wanted the best!

You got the best!

The hottest blog in the world …

Daddy Kisses

Well, shit, it worked for them.

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