Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse

SCENE: Wonder Woman and I talking to each other while at a recent holiday party. Aaaaaaaand … action!

Me: I can’t even tell you how psyched I am that I got that new wireless keyboard and mouse. That other mouse was driving me crazy, and that extended keyboard just took up way too much space. Now I have plenty of room, and that mouse is so much better. I told you that it’s touch-sensitive, right? You just move your finger across it to scroll. It’s awesome. That other one I had, the mouse cursor was just all over the damn screen, and I knew it was going to drive me batshit while I was working on that project this weekend. And the other great thing is, because they both connect using Bluetooth, it frees up a USB port on my hub; I thought I was going to have to buy a new hub, because I have too many devices to connect now.

Wonder Woman: I don’t talk to you this much about my work, right?

Me: Sorry.

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