The Loser finally picks The Winner!


Hi! Remember me? You know, the dude having the midlife crisis and going through Wellbutrin withdrawal and trying to keep a completely unmanageable schedule that, over the past couple weeks, has included working on a freelance web-design project until well past midnight every night, all the while weeping in sorrow over the fact that my blog, my beautiful blog, the most meaningful creative endeavor of my entire life and the thing to which I’ve lashed all of my hopes and dreams, has been dying on the vine? Yeah, me. Hi.

So, eight days later, here’s the winner of the autographed, hardcover copy of the late Robert B. Parker’s “School Days” [cue flourish of trumpets]:


Congratulations, MJ (whom the Random Number Generator selected) and thanks to everyone else who entered.

Now, clearly, this doesn’t count as an actual, honest-to-goodness blog entry … but, for whatever it’s worth (damn little, I’m sure), I remain steadfast in my belief that I shall soon publish my 40th-birthday-gala entry, and I’m even foolhardy enough to go on record as saying that the publication of said 40th-birthday-gala entry will take place tomorrow, Saturday, January 30 … just 13 days after my 40th-birthday gala … which I originally convinced myself I’d be writing about on my actual 40th birthday … so you know my word is good.

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