Keepin’ it klassy

Keepin’ it klassy

Spotted while I was out grabbing some lunch today.

The thing that astounds me — I mean, even more than the fact that someone would want to drive around with a feaux scrotum hanging from his vehicle — is that the presence of this accessory can’t just be chalked up as an impulse buy. A series of events had to take place, each one a juncture at which this gentlemen could have realized what a fucking ridiculous decision he was making. And yet, not only did he go out, find this thing, pay someone for it, bring it home and unwrap it … but he actually crawled underneath his ride with tools and essentially teabagged himself in order to show the world just how ballsy his truck is.

Of course, it’s probably a big hit with all the chicks. I mean, what woman could possibly resist a man with a fake sack swinging beneath his auto? Am I right, ladies?

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