Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography

Earlier this month, much to my surprise, a Nine Inch Nails concert photo I entered in a contest over at The Pioneer Woman’s site won me a runner-up prize: a $75 gift certificate for B&H Photo. And even though we don’t have two extra pennies to rub together, I promptly took that gift certificate and applied it to the purchase of this lens for our aged Canon Digital Rebel EOS XT … because we have been yearning for a zoom lens since we bought said camera seven years ago, and we’ve been missing out on some great shots at the children’s various sporting events and activities as of late, and the lens — the beautiful, magical lens — was, for a limited time, on sale for $100 off.

Also, I have poor impulse control.

As pointed out in many of the customer reviews about this lens, it is excellent for taking long-range photographs of animals in their natural habitat. For example, here we see the middle-aged blogger enjoying an impromptu tequila tasting while situated poolside this past Saturday. So stealthy was the photographer while using her new telephoto lens that her subject had no idea he was being photographed.

PS: We suddenly are in love with our camera again. Brace yourself for the oncoming barrage of pointless photographs.

PPS: I’m still in love with tequila. Anybody have a gift certificate for that?

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