Mac amor

Oh yes I did.

Listen, it was time, alright? Why? WHY? I’ll tell you WHY. Because THIS:

You are getting sleepy.

THAT’S why, OK?

We waited as long as we could to replace our previous computers. Too long, in fact. And when finally it occurred to me that we were spending more time watching that spinning rainbow beach ball of death dance upon the screens of our old and decrepit MacBooks than we were spending time actually accomplishing things on our old and decrepit MacBooks, I knew I had to take action. Expensive, expensive action.

The nice thing about waiting many years before upgrading one’s computer is that, when you finally get the latest model, it feels like you’ve gotten yourself a futuristic space contraption from the future. The futuristic future. Of tomorrow. And in the Futuristic Future of Tomorrow? Everything moves FAST. No longer do we have to click on an application in the Dock and then go take a shower or do several loads of laundry or spend a few days visiting out-of-state relatives before said application finally finishes launching.

And, hey, here’s a plus: Possessing a fully functional MacBook Pro has me feeling all reinvigorated about writing … and blogging … and memoiring … and making up words like “memoiring.” See? I’m so reinvigorated that I’m already changing English, people. Hey now.

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