If this shit keeps up, I’m pretty sure I’ll be sleeping at Howard Stern’s place this weekend


I received this reminder in my email yesterday … and a good thing, too, because I had forgotten all about it!

That pesky illness that forced me to call out sick on my birthday earlier this month? It seems to have returned in a more potent form. This particular strain is known as the Howard Stern Birthday Bash flu … and the only known treatment was for me to get my ass on an Amtrak to New York City.


The first sign I saw upon exiting Penn Station? “Mind Your Meds.” It’s like they knew I was coming.

Originally, I had planned to work today and then head up to New York tomorrow, but my plans changed when this little Cinderella story of mine got even better.

As if winning tickets to tomorrow night’s event wasn’t enough (and believe me: it would’ve been enough), I’ve been invited to participate in tonight’s episode of “Super Fan Roundtable,” a radio program hosted by Stern-Show Super Fan Mutt (the man behind SternFanNetwork) that airs regularly on SiriusXM’s Howard 101 channel. And so, in a few hours, I’ll be heading over to SiriusXM’s headquarters to hit the air with Mutt and a half-dozen other lucky folks who also won tickets to the Howard Stern Birthday Bash. (For those of you who have Sirius: The show airs at 7 p.m.; with any luck, I’ll actually get to say a word or two.)

And the good news just keeps on coming; as I was writing this post, an email from Mutt arrived:

Anyone at the studio by 6P can be a part of Sternthology. As you know Sternthology are classic Stern Show moments that relate to that mornings Stern Show. When they need something more, they’ll use fan requests. We’ll be making those requests.

You need to think of favorite stern show moments ahead of time and we’ll record short intro when you say who you are & what your favorite moment is. It will be used to intro that segment. You can come up with several of them. Your into is about 1 minute so you need a couple sentences to say.

Seriously? I’m starting to think I’m getting Punk’d.

So, yes, I seem to be riding a fat-ass wave of good fortune right now. In fact, the only bummer in sight is that I’m flying solo today because Wonder Woman can’t join me until tomorrow. However, when she does arrive, she’ll be treated to some sweet accommodations, because the boutique hotel at which we’re staying emailed me earlier today to say that we’d received a complimentary upgrade to an Executive Room with a king-sized bed … and seeing as how most hotel rooms this close to Times Square are too small to even think about housing a king-sized bed, I’m feeling like we’ve made out quite nicely.


Oh, and the hotel representative who emailed me the good news? Her name is “Margarita.” No, I’m not even kidding.

And, hey! Speaking of “Margarita” … it’s time for me to go have one … or two. Maybe three.

I’ll let you know what Howard’s crib looks like. Clearly, the sleepover invitation is coming any moment now.

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