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Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography

As pointed out in many of the customer reviews about this lens, it is excellent for taking long-rage photographs of animals in their natural habitat. For example, here we see…… [read the rest]

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The one in which I reassess my life and contemplate my future … which should be about as entertaining for you to read as a stock prospectus for an embalming-fluid company, except less so

My mother gave me that album when I was seven years old, and it changed my life … for the better, I used to think … but now I’m starting to wonder. To make a long story slightly less long than it’s probably going to end up being anyway — because we all know how much I love the sound of my own voice — that album, and the band that made it, basically carved into my young and impressionable DNA the lifelong belief that I should never give up on my dreams. (Spending one’s childhood worshipping four dudes who… [read the rest]

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My wife insists that I keep blogging. Basically, whatever happens from here on in is her fault, is what I’m saying.

SCENE: A screened-in porch in the suburban-Philadelphia area. We see Daddy Scratches and Wonder Woman consuming margaritas … delicious, Cabo Wabo-tequila-filled margaritas … so delicious, in fact, that this narrator currently is fantasizing about drinking roughly a dozen of them … but I digress. Let’s listen in. DS: My blog is dying. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t had any time for it, and, quite frankly, I’m having a hard time getting motivated to do anything with it … but I don’t know if I could just walk away from it. WW: [incredulously] Walk away from it? You… [read the rest]

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(The preceding title is Exhibit A in the case of The Day Job That Sucked The Creativity Out of Me.)

Candles (The preceding title is Exhibit A in the case of The Day Job That Sucked The Creativity Out of Me.)

This is the kind of thing my mother-in-law and father-in-law had for years been looking forward to doing with us if and when we ever decided to move to Pennsylvania. Needless to say…… [read the rest]

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After narrowly avoiding disaster, our bumbling hero and his lovely bride arrived in Mexico. Debauchery ensued.

You can relax now. The passport fiasco is behind us. I know, I know … it was stressful and inexcusable and I promise you that the next time I travel abroad I will staple my passport to my chest, OK? Better? Now then … Have you ever been to Mexico? And I’m not talking about, like, Tijuana; I’m talking about this Mexico: That was the view Wonder Woman and I enjoyed during the four days we spent lounging in luxurious lounge chairs by the luxurious negative-edge pool overlooking the luxurious beach at our luxury resort, which was luxuriously devoid of… [read the rest]

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