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And in tonight’s ‘News That Will Surprise No One’ segment comes this story…

Mercy! Uncle! Whatever the “I’ve had enough of this shit” code word is, I’m saying it. Enough. Listen, I tried. For almost three months, I was Wellbutrin-free, and during that time, I learned alot about myself — to include this interesting tidbit: WELLBUTRIN WAS MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR ME. Do I want to be dependent upon a twice-a-day dosage of an antidepressant in order to be a functional human being? No, I definitely don’t. What I DO want, however, is to BE A FUNCTIONAL HUMAN BEING … and, for better or worse, I’m way better at doing that when I’m taking… [read the rest]

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Don’t call ME Chicken Little, you bastards

Don't call ME Chicken Little, you bastards

Remember a few nights ago when I was all, “Oh my GAH! The wind! THE WIND, I tell you!” And everyone was all…… [read the rest]

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Word got out that I’m the guy who can make or break your television series

That Ray Romano, boy, I tell ya. He knows a good thing when he sees it … and by “it,” I mean “me.” As you may recall, I sprinkled upon Ray’s “Men of a Certain Age” series premiere a wee bit o’ my special Daddy Scratches magic-pixie dust, and BOOM! Next thing you know, the show is a success, and Ray’s all “Well hello, season two!” You’re welcome, Ray. Anyway, it seems Ray was chatting me up to “SouthLAnd” star Michael Cudlitz … a conversation I’m pretty sure went a little something like this: So, Michael, I hear TNT saved… [read the rest]

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Entering The Keep

Entering The Keep

Doesn’t this entrance just seem to say…… [read the rest]

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Let the healing begin … in the dungeon

Because what I really need is one more ridiculous and time-consuming thing on my agenda

I don’t think I’ve ever before posted a black-and-white photo for my Photo of the Day feature, but I also don’t think I’ve ever…… [read the rest]

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