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Loony ’toons

Last week, while reading dooce, I happened upon a cartoon Heather made of herself at I gave it a hurried whirl, but wasn’t too thrilled with the results. Zan wanted to do up the whole family today, so he and I put these together. Gave me a chance to refine my cartoon self, the previous version of which looked more like a 16-year-old Japanimation hero than an almost-40 dad.… [read the rest]

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Not that there’s anything wrong with that …

So, you know what I thought would be fun as we head into the weekend? (Well, fun for you, anyway; excruciatingly painful for me.) How ’bout if I start a new category dubbed “Embarrassing” (not to be confused with Buffoonery), in which I shall regale you with tales of some of the most embarrassing moments of my entire life? How’s that sound? Good? OK, super! Why would I do such a thing? Well, most obviously, it gives me something—plenty of things, actually—to write about without having to hope for some kind of daily fiasco to pop up and give me… [read the rest]

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I also pay a guy to fix my car

Four years ago this month, Wonder Woman and I closed on our house and joined the ranks of the “homeowners” (a misnomer if ever there was one, because, I assure you, we so don’t own this house; Countrywide Mortgage owns not only this house, but, thanks to the plummeting real estate prices of the past several years, everything in it … but I digress). At the end of our first winter here, it became apparent to us that the previous owners, in order to make the house they were selling look pretty for the least possible cost, slapped a coat… [read the rest]

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Behold: Daddy Scratches

About five million years ago, I decided to revamp and relaunch my blog. I swore that the revamping would be done by my wife’s late-April birthday … and then by my mid-May business trip to Los Angeles … and then by my son’s mid-June birthday … and then by my daughter’s mid-July birthday … and then by my late-July vacation … and, lastly, by the time I attended the mid-August New Media Expo in Las Vegas. Well, three cheers for hours of time alone in a Vegas hotel room. So, yes, I’m at the expo in Vegas, and today is… [read the rest]

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To boldly go … to dinner?

As mentioned in a recent Tweet and documented in a previous Flickr image, I dined last night with seven strangers at a Star Trek-themed restaurant in Las Vegas. The spaceship shown here (I think it’s called The Enterprise, but I’m afraid to say so definitively, because to do so and be wrong would be to bring on the wrath of Trekkies worldwide, and that’s trouble I just don’t need) was hovering over the dining area. It’s about 15-feet long … I think; I was five beers deep by that point … which explains how it came to pass that I… [read the rest]

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