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I appreciate this company-sanctioned act of rebellion

I feel young. Wild. Free. Look at me, bitches! I’m flipping off the establishment! Screw you, responsibility and adulthood! I’m a modern day Peter Pan! (If Peter Pan spent 40 hours per week in a cubicle farm, that is.) Khakis and dress shoes be damned. Today, I’m dressing down. Today, it’s jeans and sneakers. Because today? Today, my friends … is Casual Friday! Yeah, baby! Today, I’m sticking it to The Man! (With his permission, of course.) (Thank you, sir. May I have another?)… [read the rest]

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‘I almost puked at work today’ … or, ‘The anxiety attack that launched my writing career.’ One of those.

Something awesome happened this morning: I was pulling into the parking lot at my place of work, and as I did so, I spontaneously blurted out loud to no one but myself the name of the completely uninteresting, uninspiring, unexciting-to-me-in-any-way-whatsoever company for which I work … and this verbal reminder of just what it is I’ve ended up doing with my life caused me first to erupt into a sort of crazy-person laugh, and then to literally dry heave a couple of times. For a moment, I was fairly sure I was going to have to lean out of my… [read the rest]

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Surviving The Matrix: Year One

A year ago today, I left my new house with a bag lunch in my hand, dorktastic clothes on my body, 10-year-old dress shoes on my feet and a massive knot in my stomach. After years of building a career on my own terms, I was, at age 40, taking an unwanted but necessary detour into Corporate America, where I would earn a living as a sunlight-deprived, business-casual-wearing, cubicle-dwelling web developer. It’s not easy to pretend you’re Mr. Anderson when you know you’re really Neo. It took a while before I stopped having anxiety attacks at my new job —… [read the rest]

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The one in which I reassess my life and contemplate my future … which should be about as entertaining for you to read as a stock prospectus for an embalming-fluid company, except less so

My mother gave me that album when I was seven years old, and it changed my life … for the better, I used to think … but now I’m starting to wonder. To make a long story slightly less long than it’s probably going to end up being anyway — because we all know how much I love the sound of my own voice — that album, and the band that made it, basically carved into my young and impressionable DNA the lifelong belief that I should never give up on my dreams. (Spending one’s childhood worshipping four dudes who… [read the rest]

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In captivity

You know what mostly sucks? The WordPress iPhone app. You know what sucks even more? Having to resort to using the mostly sucky WordPress iPhone app in order to post a quick little something while trapped in my cubicle. [Disclaimer: If this post and/or the photo above (which may or may not actually appear above; I have no clue what’s going to happen when I hit “Publish,” but I suspect it will be a blogtastrophe), it’s because it was published using the aforementioned mostly sucky WordPress iPhone app.] All of which is to say: GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! Christ,… [read the rest]

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