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This one hurts

Embed from Getty Images I’ve lost musical idols before … and when each of them died, I was sad. What I was not, however, was deeply surprised. They were guys who played with fire for years, and it eventually consumed them. But Prince? Fucking Prince? Prince tells the fire what to do. Prince controls the elements. Prince is an element. You can look it up: there’s earth, wind, fire, water and Prince. I was 14 when “Purple Rain” blew up. Thirty-two years later, it remains one of the greatest albums of all time … and if you came of age… [read the rest]

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I’m back … and I’m ready to handle it up!

While recently looking at my blog’s incoming-traffic data, I discovered that someone had arrived here through a translation link … which, when clicked on, led me to the page you see above. Ever since then, I’ve been wearing a mariachi costume, downing tequila shots and spontaneously shouting “¡Arriba!” at all hours of the day and night. So, you know, same as always. The big difference, however, is that I now am insisting that everyone refer to me as Papà Arañazos. Por favor. Gracias. In other news: I got sick of blogging. Not only maintaining my own, but reading everyone else’s.… [read the rest]

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I’m baaaaa-aaaaack

A few months ago, I was feeling all blogged out … to the point that the thought of abandoning this whole thing crossed my mind on more than one occasion. Fortunately (or, depending on your opinion of my blog, unfortunately), Wonder Woman stepped in and killed that option. Some serious soul-searching followed, the outcome of which was that I decided it was time to refocus on my dreams and set my sights on a new creative-writing endeavor. At the time, I would not have predicted that the “new” creative-writing endeavor would actually turn out to be the rebirth of a… [read the rest]

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The one in which I reassess my life and contemplate my future … which should be about as entertaining for you to read as a stock prospectus for an embalming-fluid company, except less so

My mother gave me that album when I was seven years old, and it changed my life … for the better, I used to think … but now I’m starting to wonder. To make a long story slightly less long than it’s probably going to end up being anyway — because we all know how much I love the sound of my own voice — that album, and the band that made it, basically carved into my young and impressionable DNA the lifelong belief that I should never give up on my dreams. (Spending one’s childhood worshipping four dudes who… [read the rest]

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Unemployed, but popular (in a completely obscure and geeky kind of way)

Now that I’m officially unemployed, I can pretty much do whatever the hell I want to do, whenever the hell I want to do it. That’s right, baby: you can’t hold me down. I’m as free as a bird … albeit a soon-to-be-homeless bird with two kids, a wife and a six-figure pile of debt I no longer have any means to pay for. But, hey: freedom is a state of mind … and if you’re as insane as I am, you can look at all of those dire realities and shrug them off with one big, fat, optimistic “Fuck… [read the rest]

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