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If you like this, you should probably put a ring on it … and then you should get your head checked by a mental-health professional.

Super Bowl Fun Fact: That outfit Beyoncé had on? I’m wearing the same thing. Tough to walk in these shoes, but my ass looks spectacular. — Daddy Scratches (@DaddyScratches) February 4, 2013 What, you thought I was kidding? Awesome — and real — Beyonce images HERE.… [read the rest]

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The real reason I’m known as ‘Daddy Scratches’

Wonder Woman and I saw “Wolverine” this weekend, and immediately upon leaving the theater, I went and got myself outfitted with the latest and greatest in parenting equipment: adamantium claws. Yes, it hurt like a bitch having these puppies installed in my forearms, but the pain seems rather worth it, because now, when the kids hear the dual SNIKT-SNIKT sound of me unleashing two sets of big-ass claws and see these long, shiny blades come shooting out of my hands … well, let’s just say that they get their shit together in a hurry. “Zan, time to brush your teeth… [read the rest]

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Kiddos

My nephew, Max, has gotten my son hooked on the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”—and I’d pause here to tell you how opposed I am to polluting Zan’s brain with garbage such as “TMNT,” but that ship has sailed, and I lost that battle long ago; apparently, objecting to violent children’s programs, toy weapons and violence-laced games places me in the minority—so, in the “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” category, I put my photo-illustration skills to use to delight Zan and Max by placing them alongside their mutated heroes. Voila:… [read the rest]

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A funny thing happened on the way to my blog …

So, as I was mentioning a while back, I was hoping to start posting here with a little more frequency … but, as I also was mentioning a while back, I had been busy getting my Red Sox website off the ground, and it was eating up a significant amount of my time. Well, it turns out that the site actually was only nibbling at my time back then—a comparison I am now able to make because, shortly after I wrote that post, the site began devouring my time in massive, sloppy, impolite, noisy, Cookie Monster-like chomps and gulps. Here’s… [read the rest]

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