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And then I got into a political argument with Boston Red Sox pitching legend Curt Schilling

Curt Schilling is a baseball god to me. What he did with my beloved Red Sox in 2004 — the bloody sock, Game 6 of the ALCS, the team’s first World Series victory in 86 years (a victory for which Curt was largely responsible) — earned a revered and hallowed place in my heart for Curt Schilling The Pitcher. Curt Schilling The Political Commentator? Not so much. Which brings us to the following tête-à-tête (tweet-a-tweet?).… Men & women fought and died for this right, gave their lives for this right, and we’re going to complain about a wait? —… [read the rest]

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Douchebag of the Year: National Rifle Association Executive Vice President and CEO / gun lobbyist Wayne Lapierre

If this guy … fucked this guy … and they made a baby, that baby would grow up to be this guy: Yesterday, one week to the day after a madman walked into an elementary school with a military-style assault rifle that he used to fire into the bodies of 20 children and six adults a torrent of .223-caliber bullets fed to his weapon by a high-capacity magazine that allowed him to cause an unimaginable amount of death and carnage before ever needing to reload, National Rifle Association Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne Lapierre — the man who more… [read the rest]

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Angry, post-Newtown rant (or: No, asshole face, the Second Amendment doesn’t give you the right to endanger all of us)

We took the kids to the mall this past weekend for our annual family photo with Santa, and while standing in line I saw hanging on an adjacent ornament-vendor’s rack the patently offensive item shown above. (And I’m more than just a little ashamed to say that I didn’t, in that moment, have the presence of mind to gather them all up and hand them to the vendor while suggesting that he maybe throw them away.) “But Jon, that’s obviously for hunting enthusiasts. Lighten up.” Lighten up? Really? You want me to lighten up? Because here’s the thing: Fuck you.… [read the rest]

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Peace out, 2008. Yo yo yo, 2009.

According to a number of blogs and editorials I’ve come across in recent days, it is clear to me that most people want 2008 to go suck it, and were anxious to see the door hit it in the ass. At the risk of making you all wanna throw tomatoes at me, I gotta tell ya: I do not concur. Yes, the economy blows goats, but guess what? I was already broke! Suddenly, having practically no money invested in the stock market is a good thing. Yay, me! “You see, honey? I had it planned like this all along; thank… [read the rest]

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Putting the ‘Labor’ in Labor Day Weekend

Over the weekend, we attended a party thrown by my aunt and uncle, who have a lovely little cottage on Cape Ann, high atop a hill, with a terrific view of the ocean. It was from that charming vantage point that I succumbed to the evils of the wicked elixir known as Corona—which, for me, when attending a family function, is kind of like drinking spring water with a hint of lime. They went down fast, and they went down easy. This would have been well and good, except that, a few beers in, the little cerveza-soaked devil on my… [read the rest]

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