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Good point

Scene: Zan and Jayna watching “The Backyardigans.” Penguin character named Pablo is shown sitting atop the bow of a viking ship. Aaaaaaand … action! Jayna: “What? Zan, how did Plablo get up there?” [Yes, “Plablo.”] Zan: “He climbed.” Jayna: “He’s a penguin. Penguins can’t climb.” Zan: “Penguins can’t talk either, Jayna. It’s make-believe.” Fin… [read the rest]

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A rose by any other name …

Scene: Zan and Daddy on the couch, watching the Red Sox play the Angels. “Daddy, do you know any of the Angels players’ names?” “Well, their newest guy is Mark Texaira … and they have a great hitter named Vladimir Guerrero …” “V-lad-i-mir Gor-arrow?” “Guerrero.” “Gwa-arrow?” “Almost. It’s Guerrero.” [Pause] “I wish they named him Bill.”… [read the rest]

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