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Exciting news: I am now the millionaire owner of a Major League Baseball school whose employee roster includes Michael Cudlitz, star of the TNT cop-drama “SouthLAnd.”

I saw a tweet the other day from Michael Cudlitz in which he reminded his followers that the season premiere of “SouthLAnd” airs tonight. And as I read that tweet, it occurred to me that I once participated in a promotional push for the show by posting a blog entry that coincided with the show’s spring-2010 season premiere. And for some reason, I decided to look for that post on Google … which is how I stumbled upon this: Whaaaa…? Well, we’re going to have to click on that, now, aren’t we? Let’s see where it goes. Turns out that,… [read the rest]

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Word got out that I’m the guy who can make or break your television series

That Ray Romano, boy, I tell ya. He knows a good thing when he sees it … and by “it,” I mean “me.” As you may recall, I sprinkled upon Ray’s “Men of a Certain Age” series premiere a wee bit o’ my special Daddy Scratches magic-pixie dust, and BOOM! Next thing you know, the show is a success, and Ray’s all “Well hello, season two!” You’re welcome, Ray. Anyway, it seems Ray was chatting me up to “SouthLAnd” star Michael Cudlitz … a conversation I’m pretty sure went a little something like this: So, Michael, I hear TNT saved… [read the rest]

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Finally, the world realizes what a tastemaker I am. (OK, maybe not ‘the world,’ but at least one nice lady marketing a new TV show.)

As you can imagine, a big-time blogger such as myself gets inundated with marketing pitches day in and day out … because, when it comes to setting trends and moving product, there’s no better place to reach the world a few people than right here. OK, so maybe “inundated” is a bit of an overstatement. More like “occasionally sent a form letter that starts with ‘Dear Mr.,’ but then the part after ‘Mr.’ where my name should be is blank, and nothing makes me want to keep reading about your product more than that type of heartfelt correspondence. Unfortunately, however,… [read the rest]

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TiVo’s ‘Video On Demand’ feature is AWESOME … and by ‘AWESOME,’ I mean it blows

One of the nice things about having two children who no longer are babies is that you can actually do things with them. Yes, I know, there are those—Wonder Woman herself, even—who get all misty when they think about the baby years, and feel a twinge inside whenever they see someone with a newborn … a twinge that says, “Baby! Baby cute! Baby cuddly! Baby so sweet! Must have another!” I feel a different twinge … a twinge that says, “Oh, you don’t even know what a great time you’re going to have during the looooooong, sleep-deprived, sanity-testing months to… [read the rest]

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A funny thing happened on the way to my blog …

So, as I was mentioning a while back, I was hoping to start posting here with a little more frequency … but, as I also was mentioning a while back, I had been busy getting my Red Sox website off the ground, and it was eating up a significant amount of my time. Well, it turns out that the site actually was only nibbling at my time back then—a comparison I am now able to make because, shortly after I wrote that post, the site began devouring my time in massive, sloppy, impolite, noisy, Cookie Monster-like chomps and gulps. Here’s… [read the rest]

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