Destination: Hell. Mode of travel: Handbasket.

It is election day. The future of our country hangs in the balance. The outcome will determine which party holds sway in Congress … and, therefore, the direction the nation will take during the next few years.

I subscribe to’s email alerts, which they send out when an important news story breaks. They are surprisingly restrained in their use of these alerts; many days often pass without a single one arriving in my inbox. In fact, they have so far dispatched only one such alert on this momentous day. It reads as follows:

Britney Spears files for divorce from her husband Kevin Federline, citing irreconcilable differences.

Consider this Exhibit A in a presentation I’m working on titled “Why We’re All Completely Fucked.”

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Jayna: 1 year 3 months

Jayna vs. static electricity

Dear Jayna,

I’m sorry for skipping your last couple of letters—not only because I simply feel bad about not writing them, but also because my failure to write sooner has robbed you of letters that would have been comprised solely of my giddy raves about what a complete and utter delight you are from sunup till sundown. Unfortunately, I waited too long, and now your complete and utter delightfulness—which is still your predominant disposition—has become frequently interrupted by The Screaming.… [read the rest]

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Constipation, Day 4

Overheard just now …

Zan: Mommy, I don’t want to poop on the potty. I want to poop in my pull-up.

Mommy: Nope. You’re three now, and when you’re three, that means you need to go poop on the potty.

Zan: Mommy, when am I gonna turn back into two?

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Zan: 3 years 4 months

Zan @ the Cape, headshot, Aug. '06

Dear Zan,

This is the first “monthly” letter I have written to you since the one about your third birthday, and, while there are a number of reasons for my lengthy hiatus, chief among them is this: had I written to you during the first few months of your life as a 3-year-old, my correspondence would have read something like “AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”… [read the rest]

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And now, a musical interlude

I’ve never been an “I have a crush on a celebrity” type of guy—just never seemed like a productive expenditure of energy, you know? Having said that, there is one celebrity on whom it could legitimately be said I have a crush: Björk. Actually, she’s more of an artist than a celebrity. Part of why I dig her, I suppose.

Wonder Woman, her parents and I saw Björk perform at Radio City Music Hall just a few weeks after 9/11. She was phenomenal, and the beauty and impact of her talent and creativity were all the more amplified by the recency of the worst horror I’d ever witnessed, and my proximity to the site where that horror took place.

I haven’t seen her perform live since that 2001 concert, but I stumbled across this today, and it confirmed for me that she is just as creative and spectacular in concert as I remember:

That, ladies and gentlemen, is talent. (And, yes, I agree that the other woman is fairly distracting … but she has an interesting backstory, and I admire Björk for trying to incorporate her, nonetheless.)

On a related note: Years ago, my brother ran into Björk at a club in Boston. She hugged him. I’m jealous.

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